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Q: What does Design/Build mean?
A: Design/Build is an industry term that means a company can not only construct a home or remodeling project but can take your vision for the project and design it to a buildable specs. It is not necessary to bring blueprints or architectural drawings to Coastal Design Builders.

Q: Is my home too big/small for Coastal Design Builders?
A: Our custom home experience includes a wide range of home sizes and styles, from 1500 square feet to 8000 square feet. Please visit our gallery page for a better idea of the different types of homes we can build.

Q: How will you stick to my budget?
A: Completing a project within the client's budget is of utmost importance to us. Each step of the process will be outlined in writing along with the associated costs. Consistent client communication will keep both the builder and client aware of the projects progress and budget adherence.

Q: What if I can't move but I want to remodel?
A: Coastal Design Builders has experience in remodeling projects include renovations and additions. We can do interior remodels including kitchens, closets, moving walls and bathrooms as well as exterior remodels on decks, driveways, sidewalk repairs and storage areas.

Q: Are you qualified by the state to do this work?
A: Coastal Design Builders is insured, bonded and licensed in the state of South Carolina. Our license number is 21352.

Q: Do you have available lots we can buy?
A: Coastal Design Builders does not keep an inventory of lots in order to reduce our overhead costs and keep the costs of building low. We can help direct you to someone with knowledge of available lots in the area, just let us know.

Q: How does the financing work on a custom home?
A: Most of our custom home buyers take advantage of the construction to permanent loan type. This loan will last you the duration of the home building and buying process, converting from a construction loan as the home is built, to a permanent loan after closing.

Q: Can I visit the home during construction?
A: Your builder will set up a series of meetings at the home during designated points of construction. It is not recommended that you visit the home on your own as it is an active construction site. If you would like to see the home outside of your scheduled visits please contact your sales representative to set up an appropriate time.

Q: Can I make changes once construction has begun?
A: To keep costs within budget, selections need to be made at their designated times. Of course situations may arise that need to be addressed after construction has started but they can be costly in both budget and time. Talk with your builder immediately if you have a concern about a selection that has already been made.


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